The Ogunquit Tides: On The Ogunquit River

Our unique Ogunquit River location provides multiple ways to reach area beaches and this beautiful river, which runs behind the barrier beach. The Ogunquit Beach and the Ogunquit River and river beach are just opposite the end of our property. At the left, you see our location marked, then see the river all the way down to the back of main Ogunquit Beach, out to the Atlantic ocean entrance.

It is a fun experience to take a kayak or across the river to the river or ocean beach. You can rent one in our lobby. We have single kayaks only. Going directly across to the beach is a short distance for paddling, and this part of Ogunquit Beach is uncrowded, as it is a long way from the parking lot and trolley stop at the end of Beach Road.

You can also paddle up or down the river for some distance. Be aware that the river is tidal and has current which can be strong at times. See an Ogunquit tide chart here. Plan your trip if you go up or down the river. You don’t want to be caught down stream a long distance away with the current against you, unless you are an experienced and physically fit paddler. You are of course welcome to bring your own kayak(s).